What is Cryptocube

It’s a neat little package for a number of resources that were scattered all over the cryptosphere. We gave them a home.

Cyptocube is an aggregator for some of the best talent in the space. You’ll have one on one access to a stable of experts in every crypto-adjacent macro area: from trading to smart contract deployment, from web design to ICO metric review experts. We have it all.

Everything will be presented in a clear, uncluttered, easy to access way with user experience as our top priority. The pieces that our experts will publish for free, weekly, are unique and different. None of that, “when ETH 2.0” kinda recycled bullshit that we’ve all heard over and over. We are trying to give a different, real voice to the many faces of crypto. Cryptocube is also the very first portal for crypto tournament resources. From our calendar app to free articles daily, to the Team Builder telegram channel to unlock the biggest competitions even if you’re flying solo, we have all your tournament needs.

All of this is Cryptocube. Are you ready to unbox it?

Master the tournament arena

Welcome to the world’s first crypto tournaments portal: enjoy free weekly content and trade ideas by our coaches. Follow play-by-play tournament analysis by top professionals in the space. Use our original Calendar app to simplify your scheduling routine. Join our Telegram group to strategize with the cryptocube community and fight side by side with our coaches on the Cryptocube team. Learn while you win with us in the tournament arena.

Enter our Academy

With a carefully selected roster of some of the best talent in the space, you can now get one on one coaching on anything crypto related. Beyond just trading. You can learn coding and algo creation. We have website and graphic design experts. We have social media consultants. Looking for mining, opsec, and AI experts? We got you covered. Want to learn how to create or setup your own bot? We can help you with that. And if you’re a business trying to enter the space, we offer full team support. We’ll cater to your business’s crypto integration needs, all the way to success.

Hunt for the best Exchange Deals

Approximately 25% of loosing traders would be in the green if there wasn’t fees involved. It’s that impactful of a metric. You can’t avoid fees but you can minimise the impact the will have on your trading : Cryptocube is constantly on the hunt for the best feeback deals on the market, presented to you in a simple to consult, comparative way. Our exchange review section is unbiased an risk weighted, and more importantly updated constantly to adapt to the ever evolving, fast nature of the space in general, and of exchanges offerings in particular