Everything You Need to Know About Binance Futures $1.6M Anniversary Tournament

BY ON September 19,2020

The biggest crypto trading event since Bybit’s WSOT is about to start. Here’s how to enter Binance Futures Anniversary Tournament.

Hot on the heels of Bybit’s WSOT, which reshaped the face of crypto trading competitions, we have another game-changer. Binance Futures Anniversary Tournament, commemorating the margin exchange’s first year, promises to be another high stakes, high leverage bonanza with all the glitz and glamor of a world class poker tournament. The bonus pool, which will pay out to tournament winners, is currently sitting at $100,000 of BNB with 14,000 participants signed up. That number has the potential to rise all the way to $1.6M and 100,000 respectively.

The three-week competition starts on Sunday September 20 and if you think the Cryptocube team are gonna be glued to the action, you’re damn right. Join us as we provide a stream of tournament updates, including dispatches on the progress of our team. Although not formally flying under the Cryptocube banner, several of our crypto coaches have joined forces to seek a slice of the $100K prize pot – which should be larger still by the time the tournament commences.

So what can you expect from Binance Futures Anniversary Tournament (BFAT), and why should you be in a frenzy of excitement – even if you’re not planning on competing? Let’s see…

Why Binance Futures Anniversary Tournament Matters

Bybit’s WSOT raised the bar and upped the ante for crypto trading events. It injected the staid world of crypto competitions with the excitement and prestige that had been lacking. There were poker pros. Forex traders. Crypto Twitter traders. Shitposters, meme makers, leverage legends, and defi degens converged to flip futures and flex on one another. The event might have taken place behind the glow of 10,000 screens, but the atmosphere was as charged as if it had unfolded on The Strip with the chink of highball glasses and the hum of traffic passing on the boulevard.

We predicted that Binance would try to best Bybit to the title of Tournament Host par excellence, and so it’s proven to be. Although Binance won’t acknowledge it, its Futures Anniversary Tournament is a direct rival to WSOT. Regardless of which exchange wins out in the battle to host the industry’s flagship event, it’s a win-win for punters.

Whether you’re competing in Binance Futures Anniversary Tournament, spectating, or eyeing it curiously from a distance, you won’t want to miss a second of this one. Egos and trading styles will collide in Binance’s high-test event where the victor claims the spoils and the chasing pack slink away licking their wounds. No quarter shall be given or scalp spared on the road to victory.

Anyone Can Play But Not Just Anyone Can Win

The more participants who enter BFAT, the greater the prize pool will be – up to $1.6 million if it reaches 100,000 players. Don’t enter for the greater good though; do it for you. Do it for the learning experience, the challenge, and the eternal bragging rights should you achieve the unthinkable and make a podium finish. At the very least, you can try to beat the Cryptocube coaches who’ve entered an unofficial team. Teach them a lesson in competitive trading and you’ll be a very smug frog.

How to Enter Binance Futures Anniversary Tournament

If you’re thinking of entering BFAT, here’s what you need to know:

– The tournament starts at 00:00:00 AM (UTC) on September 21
– Registration is open now
You’ll need to open a Binance Futures account in advance
– If you’re competing as a team, select one to join. You can search by language and team name
– You need to deposit at least 0.001 BTC (or 0.001 BTC equivalent in ETH, ADA or LINK) into your Binance COIN-Ⓜ Futures wallet or 10 USDT into your Binance USDT-Ⓜ Futures wallet before joining a team
– You can’t change teams after you join, unless the team fails to reach 10 members within the required timeframe.

Binance has got a lot planned for its inaugural futures trading tournament, which is sure to become a staple of the crypto trading calendar. There’s a BTC Team profit trading tournament, and a daily lucky draw that will award COIN-Ⓜ and USDT-Ⓜ margin contracts.

What else is there to know? Let’s see, if you enter a team you’ll be ranked based on the total BTC Team profit, calculated as the sum of the top 10 individual BTC profit results within the team. PNL will be calculated in BTC. 90% of the total prize pool, which is capped at a maximum of $1.5M, will be allocated to Team Ranking Rewards, and 10% to Team Comeback Rewards. Of the 90% that’s assigned to the top ranked teams, 30% will go to the first placed team, 20% to second and 10% to third. 4th-10th will equally split the remaining 40%.

Teams will also be ranked by a ‘comeback score,’ calculated as the difference between each team’s lowest PNL ranking at any time during the tournament period and each team’s final PNL ranking at the end of the tournament. If you get off to a nightmare start but then claw your way back into the competition, you’ll be entitled to a share of 10% of the dynamic prize pool.

There are two other BFAT giveaways to be aware of: a bonus pool for the 20 Most Popular Team Leaders – the winner will claim $5,000 of BNB. And there’s a daily lucky draw that will see $75,000 in BNB given away over the duration of the three-week tournament.

And there you have it: your definitive guide to Binance Futures Anniversary Tournament. We’ll have front row seats to the crypto trading bout of the year – and a few of our number will be in the ring, slugging it out with the world’s best bitcoin traders.

We’ll be providing extensive coverage of BFAT, including the coaches’ journey, updates, insights, strategy articles and an overview of the most exciting competition in crypto since WSOT. 

Naturally our Telegram will be simmering with chatter on the latest action. Finally, if you want to learn more about tournaments before plunging in, here’s a good starting point.

Good luck and may the trading gods smile kindly on you. See you in the ring.

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