Weekly Warriors

About this battle

Welcome to Interdax’s Weekly battle with a prize pool of 0.25 BTC. This battle will last 7 days. Participants will receive their initial trading stack back plus or minus all PNL at the end of the battle. Good luck!


During a trading battle you may only use the funds that were initially allocated for that battle (your initial trading stack) and any PNL you generate in that battle.

We reserve the right to disqualify battle participants for any form of unfair play.

Any attempt to siphon more funds in to your battle account will lead to your disqualification for that battle. This happens, for example, if you set limit orders in the battle and you fill those orders yourself, from another account. This is cheating because you’re then siphoning the maker rebates into your battle account, and that gives you an advantage over other participants.

We insist on keeping the battles not only fun, yet also fair for everyone.